For the Ladies
Bad Date #5689

I went on a date with a guy I met online, and we chatted back and forth for a while before deciding to go on a date his profile was nice and we had good conversations.

When he got to my door it looked like he had just finished working out at the gym⛹🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️ and he smelled like it. 1st impression? I wasn’t impressed. We got in the car and we drove to his house, which he shared with 10 other roommates😕?!? This was a grown man, not a 20sum-year-old! As a single woman, I had my own apartment and no roommate. I was truly perplexed but I digress, he had a room with a bathroom which was the extent of the areas I could move around to, at this point, there was no point, no chemistry, and no interest in anything further, I wanted to bail🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️ but he drove.

The “dinner” he served me was nacho cheese Dorito chips that had been microwaved to melt the shredded cheese on top (he called it nachos)😐. WTH is this I said? He replied I don’t cook….ok, 🙄ok by this time  I was hot, annoyed, and in no way hungry😒.  I could tell he saw all of this in my face, so what did he do to smooth the date over? He started finishing, his laundry. 🙄

There wasn’t a smile on my face by this time, but I was trying to hold on to my politeness instead of kicking him in the balls and walking home😤. He put on a movie because my conversation had all but halted, I sat on the bed as there were no chairs and watched this movie called “Pitch Black” which had just been released on video (before Netflix yall)

Surprisingly I did enjoy the movie, then I was ready to go home. He dropped me off at home walked me to my door and promptly stuck his tongue in my mouth he left so much spit in my mouth trying to kiss me I was grossed out immediately🤢🤮 and pulled away he tried to play it off like it didn’t surprise him and left. The audacity!🙅🏻‍♀️

🤨Did you eat the microwaved chips? No, this was my 2nd date of the evening and I was already full

🤨Did you have sex? (In my Oprah Windfey Color Purple voice) helllLL NNnnnahhh! This whole evening was a turnoff.

🤨Did you talk with him after the “home date”? No, I had no desire to       

Moral of the story Ladies: Be selective anyone who puts in minimal effort should get minimal effort! 

                                          Got a bad date story, let us know!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             


Sex Stories - Customer Edition
Real Stories

Here We Will Feature Our Customers’ Real, Steamy, Hot Romance Stories.

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It all began innocent enough, I was scrolling through Facebook one day. When I came across this post and video of a woman, she was a beautiful woman with a sexy body, but she appeared to be in pain, according to her words. She had posted a link on her page, to a video, unlike any other video I had seen. She was hurting and yet was working through it in her dancing. The video was out of this world fucking amazing, yet it cried out I’m hurting.

I had to try and help.

You see, I wear my heart on a sleeve, and when someone is in pain, I will do what I can to help. I messaged her telling her I know and feel your pain; if you need to talk, I’m here for you with an ear to listen.  Now, mind you, this woman is drop dead gorgeous! I am a good looking guy myself (wink) wasn’t just the looks for me though, just wanted to ease her pain or help her with it somehow. Get her to talk out her feelings and emotions just in case she needed to with someone she could be safe with because I can identify with. I have had my heart broken on more than one occasion, so I wasn’t aiding her to fall in love.

Life is a bitch, but you fight back, and you learn from those experiences. True love will always find you if you want it!  She messaged back thanking me for taking the time to notice and that she would mull it over my offer. She then messaged me later in the week, and we began to talk and talk some more. She asked me to watch and critique all her out of this world videos. Man, let me tell you, her videos are so fucking steamy hot!! She can dance and seduce your mind and manhood in her videos! She certainly got my attention and my dick.

I backed off because I was getting way too turned on, she asked me to choose songs that fit her dancing, and I picked a few for her to listen to she liked one in particular so very much. She had to make a video that day. She had me watch it and give her some pointers; I must admit it was a fucking raging hard-on looking at that video!! WOW!! This beautiful girl can dance like, holy shit! this woman is gorgeous and fucking talented!! Sound of silence is an amazingly powerful song that went right along with her message in the video that made you cry for the victims… and the first responders. She showed her heart in making this video. She showed that a Miami hottie could care about the rest of humanity. That says something in today’s world!

       As time went on, we talked more and even flirted, sending amazing pictures that honestly were so fucking hot it made my dick get hard every time!! That sexy look in her eyes wow sent shivers down my spine. I was truly helping this beautifully sexy, talented woman forget her pain and make her smile. A smile that warms your heart and makes you want to beg to kiss her. Her body is what grown men dream about, plump round fucking ass, tits that scream feel me, lick me, suck me, with the perfect curvaceous figure, long sexy legs. I think I am getting a little off subject here, but that’s ok her fucking good looks and rocking body deserve the mention. As more time went by and we got closer, I can now call her Tammy. She would message me out of the blue sometimes, but I loved it, wanted to make her smile! That was always my goal, to make her smile, forget and move on from the past pain. I kept sharing my thoughts and idea for songs for her new dance videos loved her pole dancing it’s like holy shit she is powerful, graceful, and beautiful! We shared some more ideas and experiences in life. Then one day, we both started to flirt and get very sexually suggestive. I got to see firsthand the wonderfully sexy beauty she is… holy fuck I don’t think I have ever been so fucking hard just thinking about her. I told her I could write and bam, I wrote about how I give my special back massages (which is true I love to give them)

telling her turned us both on. and damn it if I didn’t make her cum. She got to see me cum it was hot! Real fucking hot!!! Her videos were so sexually provocative, that I came just watching them again. Since then, things have calmed and this is where the fantasy starts, the sex in the closet.

Finished chatting with Tammy online, during one of our late-night chats. and then it happened. I was in Tammy’s closet face to face with her. OMG. her beauty was heart-stopping… she was wearing a seductive t-shirt, bra, and panties … damn, she was fucking hot!! My dick was instantly hard. I stepped forward and reached for her face, pulling her to me. She willingly stepped forward with my hand caressing her face I leaned and kissed those luscious lips… mmm so silky soft … she returned the kiss … and I had to feel her tongue…….. IF you liked this story and want more send a tip to the writer at $cjskib

to be continued….

Story by C. Skibinski, a customer

BasketsOLove - What We Do!
What We Do

What we do:

*Adults: We offer products and services that will revolutionize your love life.
Simply put we aid you in the perfect romantic occasion.

BasketsOLove caters to people who prefer sexual aids/enhancements. We have a wide range of products and services to explore the hidden wild side of a relationship or celebrate a lover by letting them know they are your #1. We help with keeping the heat in romance, great lovemaking tips, doghouse situations, couple celebrations, we help you to speak and educate each other on sexual needs, and we can also help you woo that special someone of your dreams.

We sell original collections created exclusively for BasketsOLove. We also sell pleasure aids, devices, and educational materials to enhance all needs. Every product has been hand-selected from many of the best national brands in the industry giving you the ability to explore what it takes to get good love and give satisfaction

Our services include our branded “Date Night Party Workshops,” private spa services and packages (coming soon) private chef services, (coming soon), and our coveted romantic hunts.

What we Don’t Do:
We do NOT indulge in inappropriate profane sexual pornographic material like live nude models, specific fetishes, sexually explicit magazines, or videos. 
We do NOT discriminate based on color, personal religion, sexual orientation, or personal identity.
We are NOT just another sex toy store, enhancing relationships and romance is our first priority.

A portion of proceeds from the BasketsOLove Romance Collections will be donated to organizations that help in the recovery of sexually abused/trafficked victims.

*Minor children under the age of 18 are prohibited.

For the Ladies
For the Ladies

Guuuurrrls have I got a treat for you, well it’s really a one night stand but does it work wonders to get the kinks out in all the right places. 

I found this product about two years ago and it’s is all the rage!! It’s small enough to get the job done in a pinch but large enough to give you the best orgasm you have in a while. Just one will do. 

All you need is a great imagination on how sexy your crush/partner is and this tiny toy does all the work. Yeah yeah there’s that rose thing-a-m-gig which is like having two or three partners at once, but this baby goes right to that special spot and sucks for dear life. 

The part is there will be no cleaning or storing or worrying about anyone seeing your unmentionalbles because this one only last about 30 – 40 minutes just long enough to pull all the tangled up stress right out of your body. This one will not even ask if it was good, it KNOWS it’s good plus it’s half the cost of the rose with all the amazing sensation.   

Couple Time

Couple Time

Massage is more than just foreplay challenge

Stress is a complication. It can come between you and the one you love more than you realize with all the working, running, and the day to day living of life it can bring “couple-time” to a halt. Stifling any chance of building romantic intimacy with your partner. Stress eats away at everything and kills the mood for lovingly giving to someone else, couples who are under the slightest amount of stress can suffer greatly in the love department.

Stress can keep you distant from each other, you will start to notice how his feet stink, or she never cooks the dishes you like or have you giving each other a funky look or the stress over those extra pounds that don’t make you feel sexy naked. With stress, sex becomes more of a chore, happens too quickly, or becomes unenjoyable. Negative emotions and feelings about intimacy may all lead back to stress.

This is where we implement massage of each other… One major benefit to massage is reducing stress.

Bingo!…Right? No, there is more to massage than meets the eye for couples. Couples should always touch each other, it’s an affirming form of intimacy and closeness; add that with massage it’s downright lifesaving!!  Think about this, massage can help to reduce pain, increase relaxation help reduce muscle soreness and tension. It also improves circulation and increases energy just imagine how your significant other will feel.

I like to think of it like this: intimacy is the tree, every branch will need sunlight and water because the entire tree is exposed to the elements, not just the trunk.

Step 1. Communicate. There are great benefits to both of you by doing this challenge, point out those.

Step 2. Begin small – (if you’ve never really massaged one another) – start with the shoulders then move to the arms and back, learn to use different products like aromatherapy oils, lotions, heated/edible massage oils, and lotions. Check those out on our website in the romance potions category. When engaged in massage communicate your needs, if you just like your feet rubbed, ask for that. If you like that booty rubbed….suga ask for that!! Choose positive topics to discuss while you are getting or giving the message, be sure to be encouraging

Each trip into massage doesn’t have to include the entire body or last 1 hour + OR should it have to end with sex. It just needs to be meaningful touching that soothes aches and stresses away to bring you closer to the one you love.

Click each item below to print this FREE 30-day couple massage challenge and get 5 his and hers massage coupons to use from BasketsOLove!


30day couples massage challenge

Massage Challenge Voucher Coupons Massage-Instructions

Did You Know?
Romance can be unromantic?  

The road less traveled is likely the most exciting. We are all familiar with the usual romantic gestures and some of them can be cheesy and less meaningful when repeated with robotic-like repartition. There are some ways that you can show that special person you want to get closer to without it coming across as “oh this again” 

Here is a couple of ideas, If your partner doing something, be in it with them. 

For example, your wife is reading her daily mail and she mentions something from it.  

Actions: go over to her and place your hand on her shoulder touching her softly and after responding with verbal communication, lower your hand to the middle of the shoulder blades more firmly than the shoulder touch. By fully engaging at the moment with her you have communicated to her that you hear her, see her, and acknowledge what she’s saying all in the span of 5 min.  

Best Outcome: she should feel validated, heard, and seen. (we all wants this) 

For example, it’s quiet in the room where you and your partner are

Actions: Break the silence with an unexpected compliment. Something like: “I feel so at peace with you”, “I loved the way you created….” “You are the most…….” “You are so strong & wise…….”, everyone appreciates an honest compliment, say something you’ve never said before. This will usually start a conversation on why you would say this, and your simple answer will be, “because isn’t true, I was thinking how my life is better with you in it.” Then go back to what you were doing. This can also be done by walking into a quiet room and announcing it then walking out.  

Best Outcome: it lets them know how important they are to you, leaves them feeling valued, held in a sacred space  

Both examples can be repeated periodically when needed to warm things up. Building intimacy doesn’t always have to involve heavy romance it can be a bit of postive communication, a long look, a 5 min meaningful encouraging talk, a favor, or a task. All of it builds within each other the words “I love you”, so much so that when it is uttered it has heavy meaning.    

Can you think of any other ways to get close and build intimcy ?


Abstinence? BasketsOLove - What We Do! Couple Time Did You Know? For the Ladies Guys Got Time Corner Sex Stories - Customer Edition
Baskets Ohh😘 Love, What We Do?

What we do at BasketsOLove:

*Adults only: We offer products and services that will revolutionize your love life.

Simply put we aid you on the perfect romantic occasion. We cater to people who may or may not prefer sexual aids/enhancements. We have a wide range of products and services to explore the hidden wild side or celebrate a lover by letting them know they’re your #1. 

Generally, we help with: keeping the heat in romance, great lovemaking tips, dog house situations, couple celebrations, we help you to speak and educate sexual needs, we can also help you woo that special someone of your dreams.

We sell original collections created exclusively for BasketsOLove. We also sell pleasure aids, devices, educational materials to enhance your needs. All of our material has been hand-selected from some of the best brands in the industry giving you the ability to explore what it takes to get good love and satisfaction. 

Our services include our branded “Date Night Party Workshops”, private spa services and packages (coming soon) private chef services (also coming soon), and our coveted romantic hunts.

XXX What we Don’t Do:

We do NOT indulge in inappropriate profane sexual pornographic material like live nude models, specific fetishes, sexually explicit magazines, or videos. 
We do NOT discriminate based on color, personal religion, sexual preference, or personal identity.
We are NOT just another sex toy store, enhancing relationships and romances is our first priority.

Part of the proceeds is donated to the unfortunate victims of sex trafficking and battered women organizations.

*Minor children under the age of 18 strictly prohibited.