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What We Do

What we do:

*Adults: We offer products and services that will revolutionize your love life.
Simply put we aid you in the perfect romantic occasion.

BasketsOLove caters to people who prefer sexual aids/enhancements. We have a wide range of products and services to explore the hidden wild side of a relationship or celebrate a lover by letting them know they are your #1. We help with keeping the heat in romance, great lovemaking tips, doghouse situations, couple celebrations, we help you to speak and educate each other on sexual needs, and we can also help you woo that special someone of your dreams.

We sell original collections created exclusively for BasketsOLove. We also sell pleasure aids, devices, and educational materials to enhance all needs. Every product has been hand-selected from many of the best national brands in the industry giving you the ability to explore what it takes to get good love and give satisfaction

Our services include our branded “Date Night Party Workshops,” private spa services and packages (coming soon) private chef services, (coming soon), and our coveted romantic hunts.

What we Don’t Do:
We do NOT indulge in inappropriate profane sexual pornographic material like live nude models, specific fetishes, sexually explicit magazines, or videos. 
We do NOT discriminate based on color, personal religion, sexual orientation, or personal identity.
We are NOT just another sex toy store, enhancing relationships and romance is our first priority.

A portion of proceeds from the BasketsOLove Romance Collections will be donated to organizations that help in the recovery of sexually abused/trafficked victims.

*Minor children under the age of 18 are prohibited.

Couple Time

Couple Time

Massage is more than just foreplay challenge

Stress is a complication. It can come between you and the one you love more than you realize with all the working, running, and the day to day living of life it can bring “couple-time” to a halt. Stifling any chance of building romantic intimacy with your partner. Stress eats away at everything and kills the mood for lovingly giving to someone else, couples who are under the slightest amount of stress can suffer greatly in the love department.

Stress can keep you distant from each other, you will start to notice how his feet stink, or she never cooks the dishes you like or have you giving each other a funky look or the stress over those extra pounds that don’t make you feel sexy naked. With stress, sex becomes more of a chore, happens too quickly, or becomes unenjoyable. Negative emotions and feelings about intimacy may all lead back to stress.

This is where we implement massage of each other… One major benefit to massage is reducing stress.

Bingo!…Right? No, there is more to massage than meets the eye for couples. Couples should always touch each other, it’s an affirming form of intimacy and closeness; add that with massage it’s downright lifesaving!!  Think about this, massage can help to reduce pain, increase relaxation help reduce muscle soreness and tension. It also improves circulation and increases energy just imagine how your significant other will feel.

I like to think of it like this: intimacy is the tree, every branch will need sunlight and water because the entire tree is exposed to the elements, not just the trunk.

Step 1. Communicate. There are great benefits to both of you by doing this challenge, point out those.

Step 2. Begin small – (if you’ve never really massaged one another) – start with the shoulders then move to the arms and back, learn to use different products like aromatherapy oils, lotions, heated/edible massage oils, and lotions. Check those out on our website in the romance potions category. When engaged in massage communicate your needs, if you just like your feet rubbed, ask for that. If you like that booty rubbed….suga ask for that!! Choose positive topics to discuss while you are getting or giving the message, be sure to be encouraging

Each trip into massage doesn’t have to include the entire body or last 1 hour + OR should it have to end with sex. It just needs to be meaningful touching that soothes aches and stresses away to bring you closer to the one you love.

Click each item below to print this FREE 30-day couple massage challenge and get 5 his and hers massage coupons to use from BasketsOLove!


30day couples massage challenge

Massage Challenge Voucher Coupons Massage-Instructions

Gift with Purpose

Unless you are socially inept, the wow-factor is what you’re looking for when you give your holiday gifts. That perfect present that makes the recipient pause and say, “Wow!”

But with a cornucopia of choices—including a seemingly endless stream of online offers — you need to consider what your gift is saying about you when it’s unwrapped.

The right gift can enhance connections between people. A terrible one? Well, we’ve all had to smile graciously, while mentally distancing ourselves from someone who’s present screamed, “Clueless.”

While some women might be thrilled to receive a huge bottle of expensive perfume, others might interpret such an “easy” present the same way one New York writer did when her now ex-boyfriend gifted her after she spent weeks hunting down the perfect briefcase for him: “It just seemed like something he picked up at the airport duty-free store.” Ouch.

Here’s what your “wow” gifts say about you:

  1. My taste is flawless. Few things showcase a person’s status like a good watch, pearls, or diamonds and these beauties can make a wow statement. Gifts that are specially made or handmade will add a touch of glamour that says I acknowledge your uniqueness
  2. I understand your passions. Is the best conversation you ever have with them. Asking just what it will take to make them happy will keep you enlighten and in touch with what fuels them.

One caveat: If you’re thinking of contributing to a charity in someone else’s name, make sure it’s a cause they believe in as much as you do. Otherwise, the message you may be (unwittingly) sending is, “Enough About You, It’s All About Me.”

Gifts are a good reason on every occasion to communicate, laugh, and learn about each other, keep in step with who the people are around you. It says more about how well you value them than all most anything else.

BasketsOLove offers many gifts that will speak to the heart of the love you may be trying to convey. Browse our website for options.