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Gift collection: eBook Daisy Flower & Daisy Flower necklace

Parent(s) this does not have to be a confusing time in the life of any young lady, in fact, it should be celebrated after all your baby is growing up, every milestone in a child’s life has great markers, like losing that first tooth, 1st haircut, 1st birthday, etc. This should not be treated any differently. It is an exciting time for both of you along with all the other events happening around puberty, positively approaching it gives girls a beautiful vision of what they can become…




Gift Information Specs

  • Necklaces Type: Pendant Necklaces 
  • Occasion: Gift 
  • Pendants-Themed: Charm Necklaces
  • Main Material: Alloy
  • Metal color: Silver Plated
  • Pendants Type: Solitaire
  • Metals Type: Alloy
      • Necklace Type: Pendant Necklace




* Please note: The ebook is downloadable immediately upon purchase, and the sentiment gift necklace will be shipped. 

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