Ever wanted to get “rid” of someone? You know what I mean…. get rid of them so you can set up a special event for them at your place, or have a birthday/anniversary party at a surprise location? And you don’t want them to know what you’re up to or ruin the surprise by showing up too early? STOP… We have just the activity for you!

  Sample Idea for Hunt…

Have your mate find the first clue, a wrapped gift box containing your anthems of love and devotion and a clue for the next hidden location which could be in a dresser drawer or closet that gift box will have a “sensual gift” inside and a clue to the next gift box. The next gift box would be hidden in a mailbox or garage containing chocolates, bubble bath, lingerie, sexy music or a bottle of your favorite wine and a clue to the location for the next box, within that box there should be a note letting them know what outfit you’ve laid out for them to wear for the night, with the outfit there’s another clue leading to kind of perfume you would like them to wear, under the bottle there’s another clue, etc, etc…. 


Baskets O Love Romantic Hunts custom creates “lovers’ hunts” hunts for you, a mate or someone you are trying to surprise! The hunts are easy and can be custom created to last for a couple of days to build up the element of anticipation to a couple of hours the possibilities are endless. We can handle every detail from set-up to execution, and we’ll even help along the way if anyone gets stuck…..our hunts are ideal for:

  •   Create your own Romantic Idea
  • Marriage Proposal
  • Romantic “Let’s Move in” Proposal
  • Spice up your Date Night
  • Creative 1st Date
  • Surprise Birthday Parties
  • Giving Gifts: Cars, Cash, A New Home, A Trip
  • Romantic “Take things to the next level”
  • Anniversary Parties/Dinner
  • Pamper Her Spa Day
  • …or just for some after-hours romantic fun!
The type and style of Romantic Hunts we can create are limitless, here are some sample ideas for a great adventure indoors and out.
Choose from an Indoor or Outdoor hunt
  • Sweetheart hunt for lovers outdoors will send them on an adventure outdoors…around town, parks, backyards, etc.

Usually, this hunt can be conducted during daylight hours…you can have the invitation to the hunt delivered to their home address or place of employment. Your mate will be equipped with a map, and a time schedule to pursue the items on the hunt. Following the map from location to location, along the way picking up clues, hints and/or items that will help them arrive at their final destination. The details are up to you

  • Sweetheart hunt for lovers indoors will send them on an indoor adventure…to malls, at home, shops, etc.

Tease them with text messages from a number they don’t recognize or send them an email from our database telling them secrets only you two know. Get them excited and ready for a special night together. The details are all up to you!

Keep in mind…

You can change up the direction of the hunt, increase or decrease the time it will take to complete. Add items like a favorite scarf, balloon bouquet, or a dozen roses, familiar pictures, the family dog, picnic baskets, or movie tickets. Have the “hunter” shop for gifts, go to favorite places or pick up items you’ve left behind; there are endless possibilities. You can initiate an electronic hunt, a physical one or both to keep them guessing. You can invite family and friends in on the action for a surprise proposal, special event or party. You can make it intimate just between lovers or surprise another couple as a gift. If you can imagine it, we can create a model for it.