Finally! A workshop for couples and individuals that focuses on enhancing physical intimacy while building an emotional bond.


This workshop will bring out the sexy and show you just how to turn it up 1000% in the boudoir!

Yes, your love life can go from humdrum boredom to the “Ai Papi” all in one night! We teach you how to get what you want out of your partner, lead with desire, and treat’em like royalty.

Get your tickets now!

***NO Live Sex Shows OR Nudity*** This is strictly a Classy Affair for all to enjoy

First things First…NO, there will be none of that take off your clothes and get butt naked with a hippie-ganja smoking host… No groping each other in the presence of others while strangely purring or pretending to feel sexually aroused based on consciousness!?! Listen, love making is tangible so the effort has to be tangible as well, in the privacy of your own home or wherever you prefer…(you rascal you) We offer instruction, knowledge, and guidance to that sexually satisfied love train we all want to ride and think about so much. Fasten your seat belts it’s going to be a steamy HOT ride.


The BasketsOLove Date Night Party & Workshops are ideal for something different on date nights, 1st dates, girl’s night out, or any special night you’ve planned. Come out and enjoy a fun vibrant atmosphere full of adult games, surprises, free gifts, samples, and aphrodisiac refreshments!

Participants in this workshop will learn:

  • Master of the Zones – Introduction
  • Intimacy –the old fashion way
  • Communicate with understanding – Bedroom Language
  • Satisfying orgasm – Enhancing your experience.
  • She needs more oral, he needs more sex- How to balance
  • It’s a Fire! – How to start one
  • Kama Sutra – Real or Myth
  • What’s “normal” in sexual response and activity – I need help! Question & Answer Session
  • The critical role of emotional intimacy for healthy physical intimacy

This is the premiere workshop for building happy hoedowns in the bedroom. It is essentially the best adult comprehensive sexual education party rolled into two hours. This workshop is “informative” & “fun”. Couples and individuals will be challenged to act upon what is learned and to embrace the journey to a healthy sex life, meeting the needs and wants of a partner with greater passion and desire. The value of the workshop doesn’t end when the party does, each couple receives homework filled with exercises they can do at home long after the workshop has ended.


Seats fill fast, book in advance to reserve your spot!


Got Questions?… We Got Answers!

Our most popular teaching format is our workshops.  In addition to instruction, workshops include activities, delectables, free goodies, & homework for participants.

Parties are held on Friday and Saturday nights of just about every weekend to help you and your partner unwind and connect. Who says you know everything there is to know about hot and heavy romance?  Come, Join the Fun!

Please refer to the event calendar for dates and class availability.


Friday schedule: 7pm -9pm & 9pm -11pm

Saturday Schedule: 5pm -7pm, 7pm -9pm & 9pm -11pm


2023 Schedule – weather permitting

January 2023 – Booked July 2023 – Booked (3 seats)
February 2023 – Booked August 2023
March 2023 – BOOKED September 2023
April 2023 – Booked October 2023
May 2023 – Booked November 2023
June 2023 – Booked December 2023


The following event rules and guidelines are intended to ensure the safety of all participants, to meet the requirements of local government permits, and to be compliant with applicable Laws of the State.

  • In the event of inclement weather, BasketsOLove will not hold workshops for the safety of our participants, if the weather becomes unstable after a party has been booked. We will contact all participants 1 hour before class time to reschedule.
  • Workshops will be rescheduled in the event the class is not 80% full. (About 55 attendees in total)
  • We do not sell tickets, or gifts at the door, items for workshops have to be pre-ordered prior to event night, and therefore tickets must be purchased well in advance to secure a seat.
  • No one can enter the event without a confirmation number

Have Fun

  • **No cell phones allowed, participation means being present! There is a lot of information to cover and distractions to yourself and others mean they and you will miss the content being shared.
  • Each participant ticket is non-refundable. No exceptions. (Due to the purchase of content, items, and food for class participation)
  • Absolutely NO nudity or sexual acts will be performed within events
  • Attire is dressy casual, shoes and a shirt are required. No pets or children, please.
  • No smoking in event rooms, bathrooms, or building entrance

Have Fun…

  • Guests must enter the event space using the entrance. – a sign-in table will be available.
  • We start PROMPTLY at the scheduled time! If you are late by more than 15 minutes please be curious to the instructor and other participants.
  • Late arrivals will be seated in the back of the room so as not to disturb other guests.
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited anywhere outside or brought into the event by the public, please visit our bottle service tab for more information about events alcohol.
  • Recreational drugs of any kind are strictly prohibited
  • Please be respectful and kind to all guests & staff, NO loud talking or cussing.

Have some more Fun!

  • Please be respectful of everyone’s personal space.
  • 18 years and older can participate in workshops, and their ID will be checked at the door.
  • Please use restroom etiquette, thank you
  • All cutlery and dishware provided are the property of BasketsOLove and cannot be removed from the event area.
  • Please note precautions for fire and emergency exits when entering the building.
  • In the event of an Emergency, an ambulance and/or fire and rescue will be notified.
  • Special care will be given to all handy-capable participants
  • First aid kits will be available on scene, however, we will seek additional medical care for anyone that requires it during the workshops
  • Questions should be reserved until the end of each event. There will be an allotted time to answer them.

Most of all….Have Fun!!

**Cell phones are distractions, you may place them on vibrate. This rule is strictly enforced during workshops.


QUESTION: Who attends workshops?

ANSWER: Many people of all ages, abilities, experience levels, sexual orientations, and genders; singles, couples, and groups. Our only requirement is that you are respectful of others and you are at least 21 years of age.

QUESTION: Is there nudity at these events?

ANSWER: We “may” use props and illustrations to teach and inspire, we may have live models who will be appropriately covered there is 0% nudity and your personal space will be respected at all times.

QUESTION: Do you have private events and parties? Absolutely!

ANSWER: You can host any type of event you’d like in your home, we will present and wow your guest! Please send your request to

QUESTION: Will there be alcohol?

ANSWER: Yes, we can *pick up a bottle for you via our concierge gift service, your credit card will be charged the full amount of the champagne plus the concierge’s fee of $3.50.

*We act as your agent in purchasing and securing delivery of your gift in accordance with applicable law.

QUESTION: Can I bring someone as a guest after I’ve registered?

ANSWER: It is best to reserve a space for a guest you think may want to join you, once you have reserved your space we have a count of who will attend. Each class will hold up to 40 – 68 spaces. There will be no registering at the door, no walk-ins or participant guests/children are not allowed. Each participant will have a specific number of goodies, worksheets, etc. prepared prior to event night, and table seating will already be arranged.

QUESTION: What if I’m running late?

ANSWER: We would ask that enough time be allotted for traffic, distance, weather, babysitter, etc. if you are running behind by 15 minutes or less we will allow your entrance to the workshop being conducted, if 16 minutes or more we will provide you with a number upon completion of the registration process to call for further instructions. As stated before time is and will be a major factor in getting all of the information we will provide and as a courtesy to others who have arrived on time, we take very seriously any disturbance that may occur during event times.   We thank you in advance for arriving promptly at least 15 minutes before the start time.




Bottle Service

Rosé Champagne – a blend of red and white wine, pairs perfectly with strawberries & chocolate.


Skip the florist… we’ll bring the roses, come in and see our many options to make the night one of a kind.

Plush Gift

Meet “Bae”…