Just what is BasketsOLove?”

It happens to the best of couples, in the beginning, the two of you can’t keep your hands off of each other. Candlelit dinners on the floor of that new apartment, midnight strolls around the block holding hands, talking on the phone until the wee hours of the morning, sex, slow sex, fast sex, good sex, and more sex….
Desire and passion are always at their highest at the beginning of a relationship. When people get comfortable with their partners and all of life’s factors come into play, desire and passion take a back seat, and over time that romantic flame that once burned brightly can burn out. Perhaps it is inevitable that the romance will leave a relationship as more time passes. You may forget why you fell in love in the first place; busy work schedules, activities, kids, and life drama who can keep up?

The Joneses… “Ahem”…ok sorry, we were talking about you…

Are you still having that one mundane date night month after month, that ends with no better intimate connection than before, nor any real turn-on for sexual connecting? Is the couple time a Netflix marathon, dinner, and the same generic movie night out? All of these “per the norm” types of couple activities will leave you with a humdrum attitude about your partner, yes you love them, but the sparks are fizzling fast, err rather fizzled out?

You’re not alone, 6 out of 10 couples are unhappy in their relationship, say, researchers. A study of 6,000 couples also showed that a lack of sex, spontaneity, affection and romance makes it hard to maintain a loving relationship. Most couples only rate their sex life a 4 out of 10. 25% of those polled claim activity in the bedroom is more perfunctory than perfect. More than half of those polled said their partner was no longer the ‘affectionate/giving’ person they were when they first started dating. 33% of acts of spontaneity – such as booking romantic trips away, cooking a favorite meal, or coming home with a bouquet of flowers – are all but dead-and-gone.

The signs that a couple is in a sexual rut can vary from situation to circumstance, here are just a few common signs: Sex is happening too infrequently or not at all. Sex has become routine or a relationship “to do”. One partner seems to be initiating sex and that partner is often rejected.

What if there is a way to “wake up” permanently the seeds of romance in your relationship? What about exploring new boundaries in the bedroom? How about an instant romantic night OR event? Have you ever thought about creating the perfect romantic day or evening surprise for your partner with little to no effort on your part? Want to spice up that get-a-way with some guaranteed sexual bonding?

BasketsOlove aka #BOL is here to enhance your chances of having the perfect romantic life, 365 days a year! We will do the work, build the collections, and help plan the event, prepare the meal, or surprise them at work, home, school, on vacation, or wherever you wish. All you have to do is choose…then sit back and reap all the benefits. Now you’ll have the answer to your relationship’s slow-love life, no love life reality. I warn you, get prepared to have much more great nights of passionate pillow play.

Here’s how:

  1.  Order one of our delightful BasketsOLove Collections, and we’ll ship it to you ready to present with lots of extra goodies to explore together or set the mood…
  2. Use one of BasketsOLove services to help you arrange, set up, and wow them back from boredom to “balls deep”, (that means “it’s” in deep) by sending a romantic gesture out of the ordinary.

Each collection is designed to intrigue and expose the lover in you. Choose from the smallest collection for a night of pleasure to the largest collection filled with daily activities designed to amp up your sex play. Send a message in a bottle to their place of work, a love note scroll, schedule a romantic spa day, make it special by having a romantic lunch set up, try one of our instructional EBooks or join in on the E-Zone Masters, members group to trade ideas and secrets. Never mind the special holiday that only happens once a year starting today getting love back on track and the embers aflame again with BasketsOLove.

Collections are designed for every whim, desire, taste, and manifested fantasy.