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Your #1 job is to realize the fantasies of others!

Fact: Every day millions upon millions of people are having sexual relations, and whether it is satisfying or not people still engage. Many of these same individuals are using adult-theme items, toys, and sex aids to enhance their sex play, struggling to keep the love alive. Where and how often they buy these items involves a little research into the industry some observers say that figure could grow from $15 billion to $52 billion by 2020, and you’re missing out! If you continue to read and act now you could get a very large part of this Billion (that’s with a B) dollar business in just minutes!


Fact: The gift basket business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States, having reached a multi-billion-dollar level. Rated as one of the top 20 businesses to successfully operate out of your own home by Small Business Inc. Magazine, the gift basket industry provides a secure profession and profitable income for people just like you. What BasketsOLove has done is taken two very lucrative industries and conjoined the best of both worlds. The majority of our baskets are original, one-of-a-kind collections designed to meet every desire, whim, and fantasy.

Your Promotion is in YOUR hands! 

Fact: The gift basket business is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States, having reached a multi-billion-dollar level. Rated as one of the top 20 businesses to successfully operate out of your own home by Small Business Inc. Magazine, the gift basket industry provides a secure profession and profitable income for people just like you. What BasketsOLove has done is taken two very lucrative industries and conjoined the best of both worlds. The majority of our baskets are original one of kind collections designed to meet every desire, whim, and fantasy.

The Kind of Baskets we sell

Well, it’s not your grandma’s sweet treats, knitted blankets, doilies, and baked goods!

Each basket will arouse your naughty curiosity, heighten your sexual urges and bring out the wild Tarzan (or Jane) you would like to display in the bedroom. Our company gives couples a chance to be uninhibited, spontaneous, awakening, and most of all multi-orgasmic!

On average someone somewhere is having a birthday, anniversary, engagement/wedding, or special occasion event and will be in need of our “icing on the cake” collections & services; vacations happen all the time, making them romantic for your future clients. For that “just because I love you” trip or event make it memorable for them by suggesting a basket or service, in turn, they will be happy and you’ll have a viable business.


“What the world needs now is love sweet love, it’s the only thing that there is just too little of”, I’m sure if you’re over ahem”….30tyish you’ve heard this verse in the song of the same title back in the day…. Well, that prescription is correctamundo! Keep love alive for many who are just fizzled out, overworked, and overstressed making the night of millions across the globe.

Now that we have your attention: You want to build a business, it all starts with real products – not with a make-believe “get-rich-quick system.”

Shhh, …here’s how it works…..

Here at BasketsOLove, we follow a simple system that has been around for hundreds of years, “helping others” that philosophy rings true when we have made your dream of entrepreneurship come true. We don’t expect people without experience to know how to run an online store, we help you with that, we don’t expect people who don’t know about the different industries we deal with to be an expert when you get started in our business, we help you with that. We also don’t expect people to invest in this opportunity and it does not work with them….we will help you with that. To help you we have to lead and guide you until you’re fully capable to run your business successfully on your own.

Here’s a snapshot of how we do this:

  • Baskets O Love will provide you, our consultant with a fully loaded, customizable ready to make that first sale website, displaying our many products and services, within minutes of becoming a consultant. These items will be accessible to your clients and customers from day one. There will not be a need for you to spend hours setting up your website on your own, no shopping cart to set up either we do that for you. All you have to do is take orders and grow your business in your area.
  • You can choose any marketing tools to get your website noticed and within BasketsOLove rules and requirements, which means you will have the freedom to take an active role in getting the products and services out in your local marketplace or township. Your online customers can browse at their leisure 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

Ok, nowhere is the best part for you the professional business opportunity seekers with no room to grow.

  • We ship your orders to your customer.

Yep! That’s right you don’t have to package or handle any of the products you sell. We receive the order via your professionally prepared website, assemble, package, quality inspect each collection, and ship it out to the customer within 24 to 48 hours after the order has been placed. That means you have absolutely no overhead, no product inventory to store and keep track of in your home, No hassle with weighing packages and knowing current shipping rates, and no employees to manage! We’re working in the warehouse doing all that “big business” stuff for you, making sure that each BasketsOLove package is professionally prepared and shipped to your customers’ specifications.

Sum it up this way,

NO… to spending tons of time building a professional web store

NO… stocking of any inventory.

NO… office space to rent.

NO… shipping hassles (other than making sure the customer is happy)

NO… hassles with payment collection. AND…..we don’t make you buy products to build your business.

All you do is advertise using the BasketsOLove literature, brochures, and cards (we’ll help with that) on your website, blog page/social media platforms, and build your personal customers! Paperless, part-time effort, full-time, no-hassle, revenue friendly way to increase your present income.

For your customers, we’ve taken the hassle out of trying to figure out how to spice things up, how to keep the loving hot and heavy in the bedroom, how to restart that engine, and to make that special night memorable! They can browse your ever-growing catalog of gift basket collections, enhancing products, and VIP chef and spa services. We offer quality specialty gift baskets of the risqué kind – fresh, creative, appealing, and spicy, we will take care of the production, warehouse stocking updating, and customer care. We take care of all of your shipping needs. You take care of sales and executing your marketing plan, you take orders via your personal web store, with no worries about space inventory or extra staff!


That is it, easy money! Really simple and easy to start!


Ok, now we’ve told you what we will do, here is what we won’t do, ever!

  • Make you purchase a starter kit. – We don’t provide starter kits, we won’t *make* you do awkward home parties or buy something you don’t need to get started.
  • Make you deal with middlemen or distributors – We are the manufacturer & Parent company
  • Make you recruit – there will be NO sales team tiers OR MLM of any kind. We choose first come first serve for your area and will not place another consultant within a 200-mile radius of you. Giving you the BEST chance possible to make your service area profitable.
  • Make you sell items found in Dollars/discount stores – ALL of our items come from top quality vendors who have been vetted and have A++ standing in their prospective industry.
  • Make your sales a certain amount per month – we do not have a personal sales level. This will be tailored to your schedule to make this a part-time or full-time business and make as much or as little as you would like

Lie to you…

This is a real investment. We don’t offer pipe dreams, wooden nickels, get-rich-quick schemes or sell you swamp land 30 miles off the coast of Mexico.?

It’s a real tangible business opportunity that will require a self-starter and motivator at heart.




What is expected of each BasketsOLove Consultant?

                               Consistency & Self-Motivation

A consultant who will take pride in the work he/she performs


  • You will have to be more dedicated to growing your business, than making money!
  • Review your goals daily
  • You shall interact with your business daily, and the parent office monthly.
  • Define, and remind yourself of “why” you’re in business
  • Check and keep a business calendar. Make time to be in business.
  • Schedule family–break time to recharge, think
  • Learn something new
  • Network, network & network again
  • You shall be a good steward of your financial investment checking emails and responding to customers from your social media platforms
  • Maintain a separate business account
  • You will have to pay taxes on the income you make
  • You will have to recycle funds BACK into your business to help it grow and thrive, to make more money
  • You will have to treat your customers with respect and honest courtesy. They are your bread and butter!
  • Workout and eat right
  • You will be held accountable for your area the sales of that area and your growth.
  • Give back, support your community needs
  • Plan, plan & plan some more.

As a Fantasy Consultant, you have 5 basic RIGHTS:

As a Fantasy Consultant, you have the right to bring romantic ideas to your friends and members of your network who will opt to give you a listening ear about beefing up their event/trip or romantic rendezvous.

As a Fantasy Consultant, you have the right to bring a couple’s argument or misunderstanding to a happy ending with our Romantic Hunt Services….Is that special thing too hard for him/her to say? Help them say that and more with our clue cards, gift boxes, and the thrill of the chase.

As a Fantasy Consultant, you have the right to provide tips and pointers about your products to activate that “we all need love” concept to your clientele, matching their abilities with your products and services.

As a Fantasy Consultant, you have the right to bring in a great full/part-time income or build a cozy and easy second stream of income!

As a Fantasy Consultant, you have the right to have all the tools you need to create your own success!

Support and Training

All the work has been done for you – all you need is to access the tools and go for it! Just follow the guidelines and you will be on your way to creating a profitable BasketsOlove basket collections business.

  1. Free Marketing Lessons

We offer training and advice on basic internet marketing strategies. Once you are ready, you can take our free Internet Marketing Lessons and grow your business to new levels. You will find tips and tricks highlighted in our newsletters on how you can market your business via the internet and also offline. The beauty of internet marketing is that there is no face-to-face interaction needed – you can work from your home day or night—even in your bathrobe and slippers. Anyone can become an expert, even you!

  1. Downloadable Marketing Material

We provide you with beautiful email templates, flyers, and brochures. We have all the marketing materials you need to advertise online and offline. Find clients easily in your area when you send out beautifully printed materials and holiday special notices that keep your clients coming back again and again.

  • Up-to-Date Information – A monthly newsletter and a training site will keep you informed
  • Downloadable full-color product catalog
  • A website with hundreds of baskets, items, and gifts
  • Place, track, and confirm delivery of orders online
  • Ensure the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction

The best part is that no previous experience is required.


Free Ongoing Support

Our experts will support you to ensure your business succeeds. Whether by phone or by email, your support continues five days a week. We help you decide on the right marketing methods for you, help you set personal goals, and get you started finding customers and generating repeat customers. Each consultant will have an access code to contact our Chief Exertive Officer day or night by email or phone with any questions or concerns about your business or parent company.

Nature of the Business

BasketsOLove would like to grow with you, we intend to help others get started in a business where they want to succeed. No business can make you successful, you have to want to be. We want consultants who want to make a good living by creating real fantasies for people in need of them. We need strong-minded individuals who have the willpower and potential to create a revenue stream where none existed before. Do you think you can handle it?

Call us, join us, and let’s make it happen!

Now, that you’ve enjoyed our little chat, here is where things get real.

Rabbit Hole

Are you willing to pay for it

To view consultant information on how to get the covenanted spot in your area, be vetted, and start making money with this groundbreaking opportunity. There is a question you must answer now. Are you willing to put your money where your desire is?

Not only will you have to give time, attention, and talent… but you will also have to give money.

One reason we ask for a monetary commitment to view our content is to determine if you’re really serious. BasketsOLove understands that only a few are willing to do the work, pay the price, and forge onward to discover the truth about becoming your own boss, setting your own hours & commanding your own success, and earning your own money.

Are you willing to see how far the rabbit hole goes?