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Baskets Ohhūüėė Love, What We Do?

What we do at BasketsOLove:

*Adults only: We offer products and services that will revolutionize your love life.

Simply put we aid you on the perfect romantic occasion. We cater to people who may or may not prefer sexual aids/enhancements. We have a wide range of products and services to explore the hidden wild side or celebrate a lover by letting them know they’re your #1. 

Generally, we help with: keeping the heat in romance, great lovemaking tips, dog house situations, couple celebrations, we help you to speak and educate sexual needs, we can also help you woo that special someone of your dreams.

We sell original collections created exclusively for BasketsOLove. We also sell pleasure aids, devices, educational materials to enhance your needs. All of our material has been hand-selected from some of the best brands in the industry giving you the ability to explore what it takes to get good love and satisfaction. 

Our¬†services¬†include¬†our branded ‚ÄúDate Night Party Workshops‚ÄĚ,¬†private spa services and packages (coming soon) private chef services¬†(also coming soon), and our coveted romantic hunts.

XXX What we Don’t Do:

We do NOT indulge in inappropriate profane sexual pornographic material like live nude models, specific fetishes, sexually explicit magazines, or videos. 
We do NOT discriminate based on color, personal religion, sexual preference, or personal identity.
We are NOT just another sex toy store, enhancing relationships and romances is our first priority.

Part of the proceeds is donated to the unfortunate victims of sex trafficking and battered women organizations.

*Minor children under the age of 18 strictly prohibited.